Monday, October 1, 2012

Walking Towards Wai Ying

T and I went to Binondo earlier today for lunch and I decided to visit an old favorite, Wai Ying Fast Food along Benavidez St.  We got in 20 minutes before noon and got seated right away, we were lucky to have arrived a bit early since the place filled up in less than 10 minutes after we sat down on our table.

T decided to order their Beef Mami and her fail-safe Pork Siomai. (And yes, she never fails to order the most mundane items on the menu).  The soup was tasty and the noodles were springy.  The beef was soft and tender.  Overall, its good but its quite too common for me.

Beef Mami - P100

I decided to order Wai Ying's Radish Cake.  The Radish Cake was a bit oily but the taste was excellent.  The crust was crisp and the interior was soft and tasty.  It comes with a sweet/salty sauce which perfectly complements the taste and texture of the Radish Cake.

Radish Cake - P60

Sweet/Salty Sauce
Hakaw is a type of shrimp dumpling in a smooth and transparent wrapper. The Hakaw in Wai Ying was excellent and you can clearly see the pieces of shrimp inside it.  This one of the best Shrimp Dumplings in the metro for me.

Hakaw - P70

Chopped Shrimps

The wrapper is soft and delicate and the chopped shrimps inside were really tasty.  This is always a MUST order for me.

Here's a peek at their menu, this is the front part.  Unfortunately, the back part of the menu got accidentally deleted on my camera. Sorry.

Menu (Front)

So when you find yourself wandering around Binondo, make sure to visit Wai Ying Fast Food and check out their affordable and delicious food.  They have an extensive menu and I am already planning to order their Curry Beef Rice on my next visit.  

Wai Ying Fast Food
832 Benavides St., Sta. Cruz, Binondo, Manila 1006
(02) 254-3326


  1. Very informative,gud job!still asking for more.

  2. radish cake is now on my list. will try this next time i visit wai ying.

  3. Hi Pennilessexplorer, yes you should try their radish cake, it's really good! Thanks for dropping by too :)


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