Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hanging out at PNKY Travel Cafe

It's our last day in the City of Pines and T and I opted to while the time away at PNKY Travel Cafe while waiting for our bus trip back to Manila.  The cafe is actually a part of the lovely PNKY Bed and Breakfast  which is one of the quaintest accommodations that you can find here in Baguio City.

Loading up before the 7 hour trip back to Manila

Since we still have an hour to spare before our trip back home, we decided to have a quick snack before heading out to the bus terminal.  The Cafe serves a number of specialty dishes ranging from salads, pastas, sandwiches, rice meals and desserts.  While waiting for our order, I decided to walk around the property and take some photos.

Inside PNKY Travel Cafe

The place is located along the cozier part of the city where pine trees are still the dominant feature of the land and not concrete.  The property is really nice and it has that old-world charm of classic Baguio residences.  I was told that their bed and breakfast only has 5 rooms available and each one is decorated differently.  And just like the cafe, the place is also adorned with a variety of old furniture, antiques and other art pieces.  

The cafe has this charming art deco gallery feel

I snapped a couple more photos and after a few minutes, our orders arrived.  I ordered their Mt. Vesuvius Melt which is Tuna Sandwich with melted cheese on top and served with a side salad.  It's a pretty standard tuna sandwich but it was good nonetheless and the greens were really fresh.

Mt. Vesuvius Melt

T, who loves anything with chocolate and ice cream went for the A la Rafael which is a chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.  This bad boy is really rich and decadent that I wanted to trade my sandwich for it.  Unfortunately, all I had was a small bite and a cherry.

A la Rafael

I also liked the idea of mint leaves in their service water.  It was a really nice touch.  It made the water a bit more refreshing and it also helped in cutting down the sweetness of the A la Rafael.  


Overall, this place is really nice and cozy.  My Mt. Vesuvius Melt was good and the A la Rafael was even better.  So if you are looking for a nice and cozy cafe to while the time away in Baguio City, visit PNKY Travel Cafe and experience the one of a kind food and ambiance that it offers.

Additionally, you may check out their menu here.  You may also visit the official PNKY website for more information. 

PNKY Travel Cafe

PNKY Bed and Breakfast
13 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City 
(74) 444-5418 | 0922-818-4247


  1. why i feel ashamed i didnt visit that lovely cafe when i was in Baguio! it reminds me a whole lot of yogurt house in sagada though. :D

    1. Hi Kumiko Mae, give it a try the next time you visit Baguio :) Thanks for dropping by :)

    2. I will surely do just that! I'm planning to go next yr IF i dont get to save up for Batanes :D Thanks for dropping by also

  2. Replies
    1. Yup! Their bed and breakfast is really cozy :)

  3. My classmate Sammy's family owns that café! I've been there once. Love the interiors. The ube crêpe (I cannot really remember what I ordered) was quite nice.

    1. Cool! Yup the interiors were amazing. We're actually planning to stay there on our next visit to Baguio :) Thanks for dropping by buddy!


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