Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wicked Lechon at Chades Tapsilogan

We recently visited a friend who lives in Tayuman so T and I decided to swing by Chades Tapsilog, a small and unassuming place that is frequented by students and blue-collar workers alike who wants to have a quick and delicious meal. The eatery used to be located along Rizal Ave. near the Bambang Station of LRT but it has now moved to Remigio St. which is a block away from its former location.

Crispy Pork Goodness

We used to visit this place when we were still in college and always loved the simple and affordable food that they offer. This place is all about the food and not the ambiance which I've always liked.

They have the carenderia staple of Fish Sauce, Soy Sauce, Spiced Vinegar and Banana Ketchup and they also serve you Hot Soup while you wait.

The meal wouldn't be complete without these guys

T's order of Mixsilog arrived first, it is a mix of Pork Tocino and Beef Tapa served with Egg and Fried Rice.

Mixsilog - P46

This is T's favorite since she's able to get a taste of the Pork Tocino and Beef Tapa without ordering 2 meals.    The Pork Tocino is sweet and goes well with the saltiness of the Beef Tapa.

Pork and Beef 

I always visit this place because of their Lechon Rice.  Chades's claim to fame is their Lechon Kawali which is really good.  It is simply served with their fried rice and a bottle of Mang Tomas but this meal is one of my favorite Lechon Kawali dish in the city.

Fried Rice and Fried Pork = Really Good!

Their Lechon Kawali was crispy and really tasty.  The skin is like chicharon and awesomely good.  The meat was juicy and has the right amount of saltiness that combines well with the rice and sauce.

Lechon Rice - P58

The Lechon Rice is their best seller and most people order this for take-out.   This was also the run-away favorite with my classmates back when we were still in college.

A Tasty Treat

Overall, T and I enjoyed our meal and both were really good aside from being affordable. So when you are in  Bambang or Tayuman area, visit Chades Tapsilog along Remigio St. and try out their Lechon Rice or pick your choice from their menu.

They also offer a number of other rice meals.  Another good thing about this place is they are open 24/7 and they do deliver for free in some areas.

Chades Tapsilog 

Chades Tapsilog
E. Remigio St.
Sta. Cruz, Manila
(02) 736-2276


  1. Now this, i gotta try. You should do one for Mang Efren's Porksilog too! We'll be there! -meg-

    1. Hi Meg, yes well visit Mang Efren soon! Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi PinkCookies, yes the Lechon Kawali is really good :)

  3. This place is a steal! But they don't have baconsilog. :\

    1. Hi Michy! I love baconsilog too. I've been to this place called Ate Rica's Bacsilog at the back of DLSU Taft, they serve the baconsilog with cheese and knorr seasoning, i think. It was a bit unusual but it was surprisingly good :)

  4. my dad orders from chades for his late night cravings..every time we pass by here, the place is jam-packed yet people are sooo willing to wait. :)

    1. Hi Berylle, yes they're always full. I always had to wait a few minutes before getting my orders even for take-out :) Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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