Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Lechon Cebu Overload at CNT Lechon

During a recent visit to Cebu with some of my closest friends, we decided to drop-by CNT Lechon near SM Cebu.  We arrived around 11AM and man the place is already crowded with people, locals and tourists alike are ordering their famous lechon.

The line was a bit long so I decided to take a few pictures around the place while waiting for our number to be called.  I snapped a couple of pictures of the lady chopping the lechons.

Arya Stark is hacking away

This lady has a mean swing and she can hack a whole roasted pig in around 2 minutes.  You sure don't wanna be on the other side of that blade.

Crispy Lechon Skin

We ordered a kilo of Lechon Baboy for 350 pesos and a kilo of Lechon Ulo (Boneless) for 280 pesos.  Almost 50% cheaper than any other lechon places here in Manila.  The price of a whole CNT Lechon Baboy starts at about 2,800 pesos.

A plate of Lechon Baboy - P350/Kilo

A plate of Lechon Ulo - P280/Kilo

The skin was crispy and really tasty.  The saltiness of the skin was just right to make you keep coming back for more. The meat was soft and flavorful especially the rib part of the lechon where the stuffing was placed during roasting.  We also ordered a side of Chicharon Bituka (Crispy pork intestines) and Puso (Rice cooked in coconut palms).

Chicharon Bituka 

Puso Rice

Please note that if you are planning to visit CNT Lechon, make sure to come early as this place gets jam-packed especially during lunch time.

However, the overall CNT Lechon experience was awesome.  The food was great and delicious aside from being affordable.  We were so full that we weren't able to finish the 2 kilos of lechon but we were more than happy to have it bagged to take back home.  Amazingly, the skin is still crispy when we arrived at our friends house.  We reheated it in the oven and voila, the perfect beer partner on a lazy afternoon in the Cebu suburbs.

CNT Lechon
Reclamation Area, In front of SM City Cebu
(6332) 254-6641

CNT Lechon
1377 Rama Ave, Guadalupe, Cebu City
(6332) 254-4249


  1. Now I am craving for lechon! :)

  2. Hello Joycelyn. Same here! I've craving lechon since I posted the pictures above. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you visit again soon :)

  3. My boyfriend lived in the Philippines for 16 years and has eaten a lot of lechon. He has never had the experience of eating true Cebu lechon though. We will have to make a trip sometime.

    1. Hi Caramia, yes you guys should try it on next trip. It is delicious and the skin alone is really awesome! Thanks for dropping by :) Cheers!

  4. Glad you were able to try lechon Cebu at CNT. You can also eat lechon carinderia-style here. We did that in Talisay City and it was like having a feast on a regular hot day. Cebuanos often bring lechon to the beach, too. You can buy it per kilo from roadside vendors on the way to the beach :)

    1. Wow! I'd love to try that next time! We'll definitely drop by Talisay on our next Cebu trip. :)

  5. mouthwatering...haven't tried eating Cebu lechon

  6. That looks really delicious! It's been a while since I ate Lechon Baboy. I miss those crispy skin! :)

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