Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dried Fish Heaven at Taboan Market

While going around Cebu City, our group decided for a quick trip to Taboan Market for dried goods to bring back to Manila.  As soon as we arrived at the location, we were all overwhelmed by the huge selection of dried items available.  There must have been hundreds of varieties to choose from, some I have never seen before.

Loads of Dried Fish

Mounds and mounds of dried fish displayed over the market

We walked around the market checking out the selection of items available. There were also dried squid of different sizes, dried mangoes and even Cebu chorizos and Chicaron on some of the stalls.  Dried fish is a breakfast staple of most Filipino household, usually paired with eggs and fried rice and spicy vinegar dip.  

The quality of the dried products were amazing

I decided to order a kilo of Danggit to take back to Manila.  I had the nice lady divide it 1/8 kilo grams sealed plastic bags to give away to friends and family. I also purchased 1/4 kilo of dried squid for my own personal stash.  

The breakfast of champions

Aside from the dried products, there were also a wide variety of fermented fish and other types of seafood available.  

Bucket fulls of fermented seafood

So when you are looking for some Pasalubong to take back home to Manila, drop-by Taboan Market and take a pick at the wide variety of native delicacies that they offer.  The place is easily accessible by public transport and the locals are happy to point the Market location to you.


Taboan Public Market
Pahina Central, Cebu City

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