Monday, October 15, 2012

Good Times at Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant

We're still running around Baguio and our gang decided to meet up for lunch.  The place of choice was Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant near Baguio Central Mall.  This place is one of the most affordable foodie destinations in the city that is why locals, students and tourists alike flock to this place in droves especially during lunch and dinner.

Hot soup, anyone?

The place was packed with people but luckily we were able to get a table after waiting for a few minutes.  We ordered a few items from the menu and the first to arrive was the Nido Soup.  The soup which is priced at 120 Pesos is already good for 8 people.  What a steal!  It was thick and really tasty.  It also has lots of quail eggs which is a nice bonus.

Nido Soup - P120

Next to arrive was the Miki Bihon and the Fried Rice.  Both were also big enough to be shared by a group.  The fried rice was pretty good.  It came with the usual suspects of peas, ham, leeks and shreds of scrambled egg.  Another nice thing about this is it was not oily at all unlike other fried rice served in restaurants.

The Miki Bihon on the other hand, was loaded with pork, liver, fish balls (squid balls?), celery, carrot strips, green beans etc.  It was good and quite heavy.  I liked the assortment of vegetables and you can tell that they were really fresh because  they were able to retain their crunchiness despite being sauteed and cooked with the noodles.

Miki Bihon - P105 

After that was this dish, which for the life of me, I really couldn't recall the name. It's fried pork sauteed with bell peppers and onions.   I am guessing this is their version of Lechon Kawali.   It was alright as far as I can remember.  The bell peppers were really good though.

Lechon Kawali  - P135

The Buttered Chicken came next.  The skin was crispy and tasty.  The meat was juicy and delicious.  This dish really goes well with the Fried Rice.  I think this is one of their best sellers since most of the tables around us has this dish as well especially the ones with kids.

Buttered Chicken (Half) - P135

Last to arrive was the Fried Bituka.  It is pig stomach fried and then sauteed with onions and bell peppers which seems to be the standard presentation in this place.  The taste was good but some of the meat was a bit rubbery.  This is a perfect partner for beer which they also serve here.

Fried Bituka - P135

We were all so full after we finished our meal.  Baguio folks likes this place due to its humble settings and really delicious food.  Although Good Taste lacks in presentation and ambiance, its affordability and huge servings will truly make your visit worthwhile.  When you find yourself in Baguio, give Good Taste a try and have a slice of the local dining experience.

You may take a peek at their menu here.  Click the images below for a larger view.

Good Taste Menu

Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant
No. 8 Lapu Lapu St., Baguio City
(74) 443-7959


  1. hi, glad to know you. the soup looks very fresh and flavorful. have a nice day

    1. Hi, your blog looks awesome too. I really appreciate you dropping by :)

  2. Comfort food. I miss eating something like this. :)

    1. Buttered Chicken is one of my favorite comfort foods too :)

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