Saturday, October 20, 2012

Everybody's Cafe

After our pit stop at Kabigting's Halo-Halo, we proceeded to Everybody's Cafe in San Fernando for dinner.  This place has been around for ages and is considered an institution when it comes to serving delicious Capampangan fare.  This is the place to be if you want to get a taste of true-blue Capampangan cuisine.

Can you guess what this is?

The place operates like a Turo-Turo, where the food is displayed inside a counter and you can pick the ones that you want to order.  They have an extensive array of Capampangan dishes on display and we were really impressed.  We quickly picked our orders and entered the air-conditioned dining area.

Bulalo Soup

We were given a complimentary Bulalo Soup while waiting for our orders to arrive.  The soup was really beefy and fragrant.  I will definitely order their Bulalo on my next visit.

Next was the Sisig Capampangan, it was chopped pig cheeks and onions.  The taste is kinda reminiscent of Tokwat' Baboy.  According to my Capampangan friends, this is how the Sisig dish that we know now really started out.

Sisig Capampangan - P220

We also ordered Everybody's Cafe Homemade Longganisa which they cook upon order.  It was of the Hamonado type which on the sweetish side.

Homemade Longganisa - P50 per piece

The crust was crisp and the meat was lean and delicious.  I am not a fan of Hamonado Longganisa but this one was really good.  I believe they also sell these babies uncooked for take out if you prefer to cook it at home.

Crisp and Delicious!

Next was the Crispy Frog Legs.  The legs was lightly battered and fried until golden brown.  This dish was the best fried legs I have ever tried.  The batter was crispy and tasty while the meat was juicy and succulent.  It's like eating chicken wings only better.

Fried Frog Legs - P220

Our visit here wouldn't be complete without trying the Adobong Kamaru, which is mole cricket cooked Adobo style and re-fried upon order.

Adobong Kamaru - P180/Half?

The texture is unique and the taste is kinda nutty with a hint of sourness.  It was not mind-blowing but it was good and I liked it.  T was really adamant she will not try this dish out but I was able to convince her to take a small bite.  She didn't like it much but she said that this dish will go perfectly with a cold bottle of beer.

Beer Match!

Overall, everything was really good and we were all so full after the meal.  I also wanted to buy their Homemade Chicharon with Laman, but T is currently monitoring my BP so I had to pass (Dammit!).  So if you want to taste native Capampangan home cooking, visit Everybody's Cafe and you will be amazed at the wonderful array of local dishes that they serve.

Everybody is welcome here :)

Everybody's Cafe
Del Pilar, McArthur Highway
San Fernando, Pampanga
(045) 860-1121


  1. This all looks so delicious. We are so jealous!!!

    1. Hello Cara, yes they all were. Thanks for dropping :)

  2. Even my pop knows this place. Will force him to drive us there one time. :)

    1. Yeah, they got some old school authentic Capampangan dishes in this place :)

  3. thanks for sharing..


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