Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Barbecue Gone Wild at Larsian sa Fuente

Still in Cebu, after visiting CNT Lechon the previous day, my friend's cousin suggested that we visit Larsian sa Fuente, it is where barbecue afficionados in Cebu go to when they want a wide selection of delicious grilled food.  The place looks like a big canteen with chairs and tables in the middle surrounded by barbecue purveyors.  

Inside the belly of the beast

The barbecue vendors offers a wide array of items including chicken, pork, seafood, sausage, liver, gizzards, dried squid etc.  We decided to purchase from several different vendors depending on what they are offering.

L: Chicken and Pork Barbecue
R: Chorizos and seafoods on display

Your orders will be grilled as soon as you pick your choice from their display and will be delivered straight to your table.  We decided to order a batch of Pork Barbecue, Gizzards, Chorizos, Gindara and Stuffed Bangus.

The wonderful aroma wafting in the air

I was no longer able to take pictures of the items above after it landed on our table.  The sight of the food being grilled not to mention the aroma inside the Larsian compound will surely whet your appetite.  After finishing the first batch of orders, the group decided that we still want some MOAR!  We ordered another batch of Puso (Rice cooked in coconut palms), Pork Barbecues and Grilled Fish.

Pork Barbecue 

And a last batch of Isaw (Grilled chicken intestines) to calm us all down to complete grilled submission.

Isaw (Grilled Chicken Intestines)

Our overall experience in Larsian sa Fuente is excellent.  The food was cheap and delicious not to mention the huge selection of grilled items that they offer.  Though, some people might find the Larsian a bit dingy and smoky, personally I think it's an essential part of its down-to-earth charm.  So if you're a sucker for grilled food, make sure to visit Larsian sa Fuente for that awesome barbecue experience, Cebu style!

Larsian sa Fuente
Fuente OsmeƱa, 6000 Cebu City


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  2. I love that grilled chicken intestine! It drives me crazy when I eat that. They taste so good especially when partnered with chili soaked in vinegar. This place has a lot to offer particularly when it comes to food. Foods that are grilled on street-sides, I missed those.


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