Saturday, November 9, 2013


Like most Filipinos currently working here in KL, I always go to Kota Raya at least once a month to stock up on Pinoy products like Mang Tomas, Sinigang Mix and the likes.  And everytime I do, I always indulge on a side trip to Hon Kee Porridge across the road, inside the Petaling Street market area.

Pork Innards Porridge - 5.50 RM (Php 75.00)

This porridge place is located in a market side street among rows of makeshift vendor stalls selling souvenirs.  During the numerous times that I've eaten here, I've learned that their business has been around for 60 years and that they close as soon as their porridge runs out, usually just around noon time.

I ordered my favorite Pork Innards Porridge which comes with crispy pork intestines, slivers of pork tongue, strips of ginger and spring onions mixed in the smooth gruel of fragrant rice.

And of course, being a die-hard chicharon junkie, I also ordered an extra serving of crispy pork intestines.  

Coz' the ones on the porridge itself is never enough being a sucker for these deep-fried morsels of crispy goodness.  I love these so much that even with 2 plates of Cebu Lechon, I still insists in ordering this just like the last time we were in Cebu. It's crazy, i know!

It was crispy and perfectly salty giving a nice compliment to both the texture and taste of the smooth porridge. 

The rice porridge has quite a different texture to the ones that I'm used to back in the Philippines where some of the rice grains are able to retain much of its shape even upon serving time.  The version here has the rice grains completely broken down giving a thick but smoother texture which is very nice.

Condiments are limited to white pepper and soy sauce which in my opinion, you don't really need since the porridge is perfect enough by itself.  The pork tongue was cooked right and the fresh taste of ginger is a welcome addition.

I always enjoy eating here, the porridge is awesome and comforting, plus the ambiance reminds me of eating along the side streets of Divisoria with vendors selling their wares and lots of shoppers and merchants passing by.

So if ever you visit Kuala Lumpur and decide to buy some souvenirs to take back home, Petaling Street market is the place to be.  And once here, you might wanna grab a bowl of Hon Kee Porridge to taste their 60 year old specialty and I promise you won't regret it.

Make sure to come early coz' they close right around noon when the cauldrons has all been wiped out.  A very good indicator how good their porridge is and how people love 'em here! Cheers!

Hon Kee Porridge
93 Jalan Hang Lekir, KL Sentral
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  1. This looks really good! :) I used to not like porridge when I was a kid, I thought kasi parang pang may sakit lang dapat. Haha! I learned to love it as I grew older though. Love it with pork tongue and extra chicharon too! Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Will definitely try this when I find myself in KL. :)

    1. Hi Sumi, thanks for dropping by :) Yes, I used to not like it when I was kid too. Try Hon Kee when you visit KL, they also have other varieties like fish porridge, century egg porridge and even a frog legs porridge for the more adventurous :)


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