Sunday, November 3, 2013


After an hour of walking around the mall trying to decide what to have for lunch, I decided to try out this small Indonesian kiosk inside the Food Republic food court where quite a number of people are lining up.  The stall is called Ayam Penyet Enak.

Ayam Penyet Set - RM 10.50 (Php 140)

The specialty of this place is Ayam Penyet which I learned roughly translates to "Flattened or Smashed Chicken".  The name probably came about as the fried chicken is smashed with the sides of a cleaver before being served in a wooden platter.  .... And yes, I am totally guessing about that.

The dish is a combination of "smashed" fried spring chicken, rice, fried tofu, cucumbers and tempeh accompanied by a tasty beef broth, soy sauce and sambal.

The taste reminds of me of our local Max's fried chicken.  I suspect that it probably went through the same cooking process wherein the chicken pieces are marinated then steamed before being deep-fried resulting to that familiar tasty and tender "sarap to the bones" quality.

One difference though is the slight yellow tinge of the chicken which I think was marinaded in a turmeric spice mixture of sort which lent its yellow hue.  And the addition of bits of fried batter sprinkled on the chicken for the crunch factor. 

It comes with a side dish of fried tofu which is pretty standard along with the beef broth soup, prawn crackers and sambal.

Another side dish included is Tempeh, a type of soybean cake which to me is like a grittier version of tofu. It kinda reminds me of the vegetarian burger patties that I've tried back in the Philippines. It can be an acquired taste to some due to the strong taste but I personally liked it.

I have to say that the whole meal was good and I enjoyed it.  The chicken alone made me feel right at home and nostalgic eating Max's fried chicken on Sundays after church.

Overall, the dish was comforting and familiar with a slight twist from the Tempeh and Sambal.  So, if you're craving for something familiar yet open to try something new, give Ayam Penyet a try!

Ayam Penyet Enak
Food Republic, 2nd Floor
1 Utama Shopping Center
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, 47800
Selangor, Malaysia

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