Thursday, October 24, 2013


Okay, so what happened?

Last December 2012, I received news that I need to go to Kuala Lumpur for a year for work. 

I had to leave in such short notice, I foolishly forgot to bring my camera and laptop (Of all things).  Work had been quite hectic right from the get go and being unfamiliar with the new territory plus the constant homesickness and occasional language barrier has proved to be quite a challenge.  Sadly, the blog had to temporarily take a back seat while I struggled to settle in. 

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur

For the people who have been following the blog, I apologize for not being able to update The Drunken Pig for almost a year.  However, I am happy to let you know that things at work has now slowed down a bit and I'm so glad that I now have ample time to get back into blogging.

In line with this, I also would like you to meet the newest addition to our family, our little bundle of joy.

Meet the Piglet

I'm so excited to get started.  I will probably only be able to feature single meals for the meantime since T and the Piglet are still back in the Philippines, but I will definitely try to cover as much food as I can and keep the blog updated as often as possible.

With that being said, I hope you'll join The Drunken Pig again in another round of discovery and adventure!



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