Monday, November 12, 2012

Discovering Beth's Palabok

T always tells me that we should visit her favorite Palabok spot in Sta. Ana, Manila where she grew up, ever since I brought her to Palabokan sa Obrero last month.  And since we'll be visiting a friend who lives in Paco last Saturday, we decided to swing by Sta.Ana Market where her favorite Palabok is located.

Inside Sta. Ana Market, you'll find a number of Palabok eateries.  The most famous among the bunch according to locals is Beth's Palabok which is the first eatery that you'll see upon entering the market.  They said that this Palabok joint has been around for 30 years or maybe more.

Beth's Palabok used bihon as the noodle for my order.  The noodles was silky and smooth.  Their sauce has a rich orange color and it was thick and flavorful.  It has a perfect balance in terms of taste and consistency.

It is also generously topped with egg slices, crumbled tofu in achuete oil, toasted garlic, tinapa flakes, crushed chicharon and bits of tampalen chicharon.

The tinapa provided the right amount of saltiness while the tofu and crushed chicharon gave it a sense of texture.  The tampalen chicharon, which for me is the most awesome ingredient in this plate gave the dish its richness and unique flavor that blends well with their flavorful sauce.

My order came with 2 pieces of puto and a small soda all for the price of 46 pesos, Good deal!  T on the other hand didn't order from here since her favorite Palabok eatery is a few meters away from Beth's Palabok and is already waiting for me there.  

Overall, I can say that their palabok is really good. The sauce was flavorful and the combination of the toppings was really nice especially the chicharon.  So when you are in Manila and craving for a good palabok, just drop by Sta. Market and visit Beth's Palabok..   

Beth's Palabok
Sta. Ana Wet and Dry Market
Pedro Gil, Manila
(02) 564-70-88

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  1. The palabok looks delicious!

    By the way, followed your blog through GFC. Hope you could follow mine as well.


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